Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Hear You All!

Some of us are stressed out, some went to war, some can't get rid of cocaine, some are tired, some are victims of violence, some had the cold, some lost their only job, some lost a leg, some lost everything in a fire, some are almost poor, some are rich and sad, some are in bankrupcy, some are unhappy with their regular family,

some hate their boss, some lost their best friend, some are braking up with their longtime boyfriend, some are alone, some have panic attack, some can't get out of the bed,some had an accident, some started a business and it is not going well, some has suicide feelings, some had serious surgery,some are in jail, some are sad and don't know why. There's no one person in the world( even those happy, rich, successful ones) that doesn't feel pressure, internal or external. We're all in the same road trying to find equilibrium.

Sometimes we can do it alone, sometimes we need contention.

I know one thing for sure: as soon as you put it out there you feel a release. As soon as you read that someone else has a problem you feel relieved because we tend to autocompassionate and feel that our problem is so big that we can't see anything else. You want to feel some kind of company in this, and you're right. When you share , it is easier. Put it out, put it here. I hear you, tell me your problem